Website (CMS)

Website (CMS)

CMS website (Content Management System) is a system that allows organization, control and managing large and interchangeable groups of web materials, including documents, photos and other multimedia. Unlike static presentations, Internet presentations, based on some of the CMS systems, allow light changes and monitoring of large data amount respecting time sequence of events. That is possible thanks to database or databases where all the presentation content can be found and for which managing it is not necessary to have advanced knowledge yet to know something about simple interface for administration that CMS applications have. CMS requires a special client – a software for editing and constructing content and article. It is used also for document archiving for organizations, including instructions, technical documentation, sale catalogues…

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Key benefits of CMS system are:

  • Automatized template: by making standard visual templates we have the opportunity to assign them automatically to existing content, as well to content that will be entered. Future changes in visual appearance of presentation do not impact on existing content and they can be done fast and easy.
  • Simple content change: considering that now your content is divided from visual look of presentation, every content change becomes exceptionally easy and fast, without requiring some special knowledge and experience.
  • Upgrade sets: almost all presentations based on CMS have a possibility to be upgraded with different modules and plug-in extensions which can be integrated in presentation at any time.
  • Following standard: even after launching, CMS can be updated and adjusted to newly established standards.
  • Managing on the move: different levels of managing in CMS give an opportunity to involve more people in its development, check and publication of certain content. CMS has the task of allowing that job to be done in parallel and therefore to simplify procedure and save valuable time.
  • Fully document management: CMS solutions always give possibility to completely manage life cycle of one document from beginning of its creation to revisions, publishing, archive and destruction in the end.

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Extensions are divided in three groups:

Components are program units that run a certain task and they are usually connected to some parts of the CMS so that they read data from its tables and use them in their process.
Modules are parts of a program that allow a preview on certain position of web page, they can be moved, e.g. main menu, banners, survey, etc.
Plug-ins (links) are those parts of a program that cannot be seen because they are the part of a background process.

CMS website design presents a complete solution both for corporate websites and simple personal presentations. We will mention just some of the possibilities:

  • Using whichever HTML design
  • Fast implementation
  • Support for multiple content authors
  • WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Web interface for editors
  • Approval of content before publishing it
  • The beginning and the end of content publishing on pre-scheduled date
  • Input of static (uncategorized) content
  • Archiving of older contents by using dearchiving
  • Possibility of content evaluation
  • Loading of external pages with the help of the Wrapper component
  • Support for visual editors
  • Easy upload of images
  • Content organization into sections and categories
  • URL format suitable for browsers
  • Advanced administrative panel
  • Support for multiple administrators and/or moderator
  • Grouping users by accessing level
  • Multilingualism of CMS by adding compatible modules and components