Web Shop

Web Shop

Product presentation on Internet is not easy. It is important to classify them well on a webpage so that visitor can reach them easily before he leaves it and turns to the competition. Web stores display articles in detail - their appearance, characteristics, price, description and other useful information. Consumers can leave their comment, rates and ask additional questions about every article. Questions are being automatically forwarded to an email address and in that way a communication with potential clients is established and you can get a feedback about offer quality. These collected information about visitors’ impressions, observations, interests, etc., represent a precious source of data which helps you to stay informed and to know more about what consumers think about an offer and, when needed, there can be made corrections so that offer can be more competitive.

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Creative<span> ideas </span>

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In order to use e-shop it is necessary to register on website. Here we will list just some of the most basic functions of this component:

  • Group of clients - All registered users can be classified in more in advance defined group of clients. Every group can have its prices, e.g. a group that buys goods for further sale will be able to see prices without tax and with in advance calculated rebate, then clients who for specified period achieved traffic in certain amount can have discount and therefore they will see that price.
  • Tax groups - depending on goods that sells and legislation in state, it is possible to define more tax groups.
  • Delivery methods - there are various delivery methods, they depend on place where goods need to be delivered, product dimensions and the order price. Based on that, client can choose a delivery method. It is possible to define in advance that for purchase above a certain amount delivery will be free.
  • Coupons -By entering a certain coupon when buying, user can have additional discounts, besides current actions, and buy some product at a reduced price shown through a percentage or in determined fixed amount.
  • Manufacturers - To ease navigation on website all products are sorted by manufacturers, who are sorted in categories.
  • Similar products - By choosing certain product we could see similar products, e.g. if we want to see a list of laptop without Operating System (OS), among products there will be OS or similar model by characteristics and prices. Next to same product there will be an offer for laptop bag, spare battery and lot of other stuff.
  • Payment method - his component supports all currently actual payment methods on Internet. In our case it is possible to choose payment with payment cards or cash on delivery.

Regardless of the fact that it is a virtual store, the same rules apply here as in any other store. The customer wants to receive the purchased product as soon as possible, to be able to complain and replace the product, and to be able to contact you at any time if he needs additional information. VirtueMart is the leading solution for creating an online store for Joomla CMS, with over 1.5 million downloads from the manufacturer's official website. This solution is not classified as a self-executing script, but rather a plug-in, and for its execution it is necessary to have Joomla CMS installed. To justify its epithet of the most popular solution for e-store, VirtueMart is decorated with ease of use and maximally simplified customization according to the needs of the end user.

"Our mission is to provide the best quality website solutions at affordable prices, with fast delivery and excellent service for clients."


A visitor of web store wants to get to the information easily and simply about company that is represented on that website:

About your company
About the activity that you are dealing with
About products and services that you offer on the website
About conditions and way of ordering and paying a product
About warranty
Possibility to replace purchased products or to refund money in case customer is not satisfied with it, etc.

Regardless the position on web store, visitor must be able to see clearly the navigation menu in any moment (product catalogue, order, etc.). On every page there has to be a link to other key parts of e-shop, or at least a link for main page. It is advisable to enable product research and/or services by categories.