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Personal data is all data that directly or indirectly relates or can relate to you as a natural person. As the legal basis governing data protection and the conditions for processing your data, we apply the Personal Data Protection Act, hereinafter referred to as the "Act".

Below you will find all information about the nature and extent of processing of your personal data by Honigkaiser d.o.o. , Dragana Rakića 12v/10 Zemun, (hereinafter "Honigkaiser" or "we").

1. How do we collect or obtain your personal data?
We collect your personal data when it is relevant to your needs as a consumer in the way that you register on our site in order to shop online and/or receive our notifications - newsletter.
We generally receive information directly from you, when you order certain products or services, fill out a certain form. Further on in the text, we will explain to you the purposes of data processing, and the basis in the Law. We will use your personal data for marketing purposes, only if you agree to it.
All your personal information is treated as confidential and is adequately protected by Honigkaiser and/or our trusted partners (for more information, see the section: Who has access to your data?).

2. What data we collect from you

2.1. Contacting Honigkaiser – different types of inquiries (contact by e-mail, phone, via social networks)
Depending on the way you contacted us and the type of inquiry, this data may include your name, surname, phone number, email address, other information about you that you have exchanged with us, which is related to your by inquiry.
We can process the data collected in this way for the purposes of providing answers to your inquiries, for the purposes of collecting statistical data and profiling, in order to improve our business. For the purposes of statistics and profiling, anonymization will be performed, so that no data can be linked to a specific person.

2.2. Marketing purposes - registration to receive notifications about current offers and promotions - Newsletter
On our website, as well as during registration, Honigkaiser will offer you the service of sending notifications about current offers and promotions by email, and on this occasion you should leave the following information: first and last name, phone number, e-mail address, name, address and web address companies.
If you have agreed to receive our notifications, we use your e-mail/phone number and possibly your name, Mr. or Mrs. if you choose, to send information about products, promotions, sweepstakes / contests, news and store offers . We store and process this data for the purpose of sending notifications about current offers and promotions.
With your consent, we record your behavior as a user of our website www.codeactive.rs and newsletter. The assessment of user behavior primarily includes data on the pages you visit and the links you use there. In this way, we create personalized user profiles with your personal data and/or with your e-mail address in order to enable the creation of an advertising offer.